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Heza Blue Tom Cat

2003 Blue Roan Tobiano PHAA Stallion 15.3hh

The only Blue Roan Tobiano Paint Stallion in Australia! Plus, he has a brilliant pedigree to match! Offering breeders and owners in Australia his top quality Peformance Paint blood lines to add to their programs.

Heza Blue Tom Cat is homozygous white pattern, this means guaranteed colour, either classic roan or a tobiano!

si-and-sam-pic-for-web-colour.jpg ‘Sampson’ as he is known at home, is a sweet and gentle natured Stallion. He is trainable and highly intelligent without any aggression or vice. No matter how good a horse may look on the outside, to be truly special they have to have the heart to match the looks. ‘Sampson’ has proven that he definitely has both beauty and brains and our whole family just adore him. He is consistently passing his sweet nature and talent on to his progeny.

‘Sampson’ has APHA champions throughout his pedigree since he is from a son of Nevada Wardrum and a daughter of The Aztec Eagle by QT Poco Streke, a multiple world reining champion producer! Dixie’s War Drum and Q Ton Eagle can be found twice in his sire line, along with Lucky Straw. On his dam’s side you will find Truly Truckle, Happy Bars, AQHA Cutting Horse champion Poco Pepito and the great AQHA race horses Old Tom Cat AAA by Robin Reed in addition to Miss Bull Root.


Genetically Colour Gene Tested- Ee aa nT Rr Sampson is a non fading true black horse he carries the classic roan gene (not grey) and the tobiano gene (white paint markings, high white stockings).
True blue classic roans are rare. Equine colour experts in the USA have scored Sampson a perfect 10 for his stunning classic roan colouring and just can’t believe his true ‘10′ scale colour, it is rare to ever find one of his type that stays heavily roaned all year round. This is one special horse in every way! Come and meet him for yourself here at BNT Paints and Quarter Horses.

Click on pic above to see Sam’s coat in summer.

Check Out My Jeans


2006 Grullo Tobiano PHAA Stallion 15.3hh

The only Homozygous Black and Homozygous Tobiano Grullo Paint Stallion in Australia! With a top quality pedigree to go with his gorgeous looks! Through his progeny, bred here at BNT Paints and Quarter Horses he offers breeders and owners in Australia his top quality Performance Paint blood lines coupled with unique colour to add to their programs.
Check Out My Jeans is Genetically Colour Gene Tested- EE aa TT Dd Guaranteed black based Tobiano foals with the bonus of Dun Factor!denim-spring3.jpg

‘Denim’ as he is affectionately known at home is not only stunning to look at but has a beautiful laid-back personality. He is excelling in his training and shows great potential and a very “willing to work” attitude. The depth of his breeding is being seen in his versatility. Speed, strength and cow! He is kind and gentle with the mares and foals and is thoroughly enjoying his new life as a herd living stallion “Down Under”. denim-gallop-back-paddock.jpg

‘Denim’ is an Own Son of Dominant Jeans who has Sired Get who have APHA Points in Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure,
Hunt Seat Equitation, Halter, Showmanship and Longeline, Hunter Under Saddle, Horsemanship, Hunter Hack, Hunt Seat
Equitation, Showmanship and Western Pleasure, as well as APHA Superiors in Western Pleasure and
Horsemanship. He has also Sired a Top-Five World Finisher and a 3-Time Top-10 World Finisher.
A Grandson of the stunning 2-Time APHA Reserve World Champion Shots Flying Spark. and many other multiple Champion renowned Paints and Quarter Horses such as one of my personal favourites King Fritz (AQHA)
This young stallion is truly special! The more we get to know him the more we love him.


Click on pic above to see Denim roping with Master Horseman Tom Curtin!

Blue Roan Tobiano

Paint Stallion
"Heza Blue Tom Cat"

Standing at Stud


"B.A.L.A.N.C.E Saddle"

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